2024 LOVE GALA ONLINE BENEFIT AUCTION--Bidding Extended!! Will end during Love Gala event @8:45pm--pickup next week at TKA - EK Auctioneers LLC

2024 LOVE GALA ONLINE BENEFIT AUCTION--Bidding Extended!! Will end during Love Gala event @8:45pm--pickup next week at TKA

2024 LOVE GALA ONLINE BENEFIT AUCTION--Bidding Extended!! Will end during Love Gala event @8:45pm--pickup next week at TKA

For an illustrious 144 years, The King’s Academy has been a beacon of academic excellence, shaping the lives of students and families both locally and internationally. Our commitment to nurturing God-given potential within a supportive, college preparatory community has been the foundation of our enduring success. We are thrilled to announce the upcoming Third Annual Love Gala. We aim to celebrate and build upon the remarkable foundation that is The King's Academy, while uniting hearts, embracing community, and fostering a lasting legacy that cannot be erased.

This year, our focus is on enhancing the already outstanding aspects of our academic programs, learning spaces, and support for the arts on campus. The King’s Academy Love Gala is a testament to our commitment to continuous improvement. We believe that by refining what is already exceptional, we can provide an even more enriching experience for our students. Consider how your generous contribution can elevate our campus:

• Woody Auditorium- To elevate this space to new heights, we are embarking on a transformative journey. Woody Auditorium is a cornerstone of our academic and artistic endeavors and resonates with the vibrant energy of student performances, chapel gatherings, and community events. Your generous support will contribute to the installation of an updated sound system and new lighting fixtures which will cast a spotlight on the talents and achievements of our students. Join us in harmonizing the legacy of Woody Auditorium with the boundless potential of future artistic and spiritual expressions.

• Anderson Building- To further enhance its legacy, we are excited to embark on a rejuvenation project aimed at preserving and elevating this iconic structure built in 1947. By addressing minor repairs to mitigate occasional rain-related challenges, we are ensuring that the Anderson Building continues to be a symbol of resilience and steadfastness on our campus. Your support will play a pivotal role in enhancing the longevity and functionality of this cherished space.

• Huskey Football Field- The hallowed grounds of Huskey Football Field, made possible by the generous donation of the Clell Huskey family in 1943 after MIA in North Africa in WWII, have long served as a rallying point for fostering fellowship, school spirit, and shared memories. Through your support, we aim to upgrade the stadium lights.  Join us in illuminating the path for our students, both on and off the field, as they continue to build lasting connections within the heart of our cherished community.

Your invaluable support is instrumental in achieving our fundraising goal.  The King's Academy does not receive any form of federal or state government support.   By contributing to The King’s Academy Love Gala, you not only aid us in accomplishing immediate objectives but also help to leave a lasting legacy on the educational journey of our students for years to come. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your ongoing support, and we eagerly anticipate a resounding success at our Third Annual Love Gala.

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